Ownership options

HopYacht is delivered fully equipped ready to launch and start sailing. 


We can arrange packing, shipping and insurance cover, to ship your HopYacht 30 anywhere in the world. At your chosen destination assembly takes just a few hours and can be managed by most boat yard or marina facilities. If preferred, one of our HopYacht team will travel to your location and manage the assembly process. 


Owning a yacht that truly reflects your own taste and lifestyle preferences, is easily achieved by adding your own personal touches. When we briefed our interior design team, we asked them to choose finishes that ensured our HopYacht 30 feels uncluttered, almost minimalist and creates a neutral canvas. Adding simple elements like cockpit cushions would then add your own accent colours, patterns ands and textures. 


Despite being a compact yacht, you also have room to hang your own choice art or perhaps create a photo-wall of memorable trips. It's your HopYacht and it should feel like home.


The beauty of having demountable hulls, is that you can ship your HopYacht to anywhere in the world in two standard 40' containers.


We will supply your HopYacht 30 fully equipped, with everything you need to start sailing, including cooking utensils, crockery, cutlery, life-jackets and other safety equipment. It's a bit like moving into a brand new fully furnished home. Just add your own personal items like towels, sheets, pillows and toiletries, load up your groceries and you're good to go! 

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We live in a world where sharing works really well, with services like Uber, Airbnb, and Co-working office space. Perhaps sharing a HopYacht might be the perfect solution for you?


With costs shared across 6 people, shared ownership is a great way to make relaxed holiday sailing even more relaxed! 

If the partnership or individual owners elect not to user their full allocation of weeks, these could be allocated to a charter company to earn revenue to cover running costs.


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Special Offer

HopYacht (Pty) Limited is currently offering
one-sixth shares in a demonstration 
yacht, to be based in Greece.

R465 000 per one-sixth share

- €27 500 (based on current exchange rate) 

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  • Free of emissions - twin electric motors

  • Free of anxious moments - very easy to sail and dock

  • Free from cramped living - luxury features in a compact catamaran



PLUS the potential for free sailing with running costs covered by charter income. 


This special offer is for five shareholders to join HopYacht (Pty) Limited in a managed syndicate of a fully equipped HopYacht 30 based in the Mediterranean. HopYacht (Pty) Limited will over-see the maintenance and upkeep of the yacht and underwrite the full running costs for the first 12 months.


HopYacht's one-sixth share will be used primarily for sales demonstration purposes, to help establish HopYachts in the region.  This is a unique opportunity to own a share in a HopYacht 30 maintained to the highest standards.

Each one sixth share in this yacht is offered at R465 000   |   €27 500. 

This represents a significant saving compared to the current price of a fully equipped HopYacht 30.   


Hopyacht is perfect for shared ownership. 


The success of any shared ownership model relies heavily on the management, care and maintenance of the yacht. Each owner quite rightly wants to arrive on board to find their yacht in pristine condition. Hopyacht is the perfect yacht for shared ownership.


One of the most significant running costs for most yachts is the ongoing maintenance and repair of diesel engines. In contrast, HopYacht’s electric motors are virtually maintenance free. The simplified sail-plan, deck fittings and overall layout, also contribute significantly to reducing costs. The forecasted running costs for a HopYacht 30 are less than half of a comparable 30-34 foot yacht with a diesel engine.


Achieving zero running costs through generating charter revenue.


Based on a sailing season in the Mediterranean of 30 weeks from April - November, each owner could have an allocation of 5 weeks per year in the prime sailing season. However, if each syndicate member only used 2 weeks of the year, the balance of the weeks could then be allocated to a charter company to generate income to offset running costs. 


It’s your choice how many weeks you wish to utilise, however charter income could offset the entire running costs of your HopYacht, including all marina fees, insurance, cleaning, repairs and maintenance. Any surplus income could then go towards off-setting part of the initial purchase price of your share.  


The peak season summer months generate the highest revenue for each week of charter. Given that these are also the busiest tourism months, from experience we find the mid and low season months are really good times to go sailing. The weather is still nice and warm (but not too hot) and marinas and anchorages are less crowded. 


We recommend that each owner uses the initial minimum allocation of 2 weeks per year in season, leaving up to 19 weeks available for charter. The goal is to achieve zero running costs. However, if you require additional weeks, this can be accounted for in the allocation of the charter income to each owner.


You can make contact directly with Paul Tomes at HopYacht, for full details of this limited time shared ownership at this link . 

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