Why just one sail?

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Life is easier with just one sail.

Relaxed holiday style sailing is all about swimming, sunbathing, having a good book to read, and sailing slowly along the coastline or island to island, in search of interesting harbours, great restaurants and tavernas.


It's not surprising that a high percentage of holiday sailors choose to sail under jib alone. There's less to worry about and less chance that newcomers to sailing might get anxious, if the wind gets up.

Consequently, our design brief was to keep the HopYacht sail plan simple and easy to manage. In collaboration with DuToit Yacht Design and North Sails Cape Town, we worked through numerous configurations and opted for a single furling genoa.


Moving the mast further aft on the boat ensures that the HopYacht 30 has good all-round sailing performance, optimises the sail area and brings the centre of effort (COE) further aft to significantly improve upwind performance.

Not having a mainsail, also means there's no risk of injury from a boom. 

Ensuring HopYacht is easy to berth.

Airline pilots often joke that a typical flight starts with 15 minutes of intense concentration for take-off and ends with 15 seconds of complete terror ... which presumably is referring to the landing!

Perhaps there's a similarity here with sailing? Getting out of the marina is usually the easy part, getting back in when it's windy or the marina is crowded, is often a different story. 


HopYacht has three vital ingredients to make berthing so much easier (especially mooring stern to).

1. Twin electric motors

E-Propulsion Pod Drive
E-Propulsion Pod Drive

Being a catamaran with twin motors, to berth a HopYacht you simply leave the wheel centred and steer using the throttles only.


With one motor in forward and the other in reverse, the HopYacht 30 will almost turn on its own axis. Easier to control and manoeuvre than using a bow thruster.

2. Fingertip control

E-Propulsion Dual Throttle

The throttle controls on the HopYacht are electronic and not mechanical. This gives you infinitely more control at your fingertips.


Electric motors also have a lot more torque, providing instant thrust to position and stop the boat right where you want it.

3. All-round visibility

Catamaran Helm Visibility

The helm station on the HopYacht 30 gives you good visibility of all four corners of the yacht, making it easier to squeeze into a crowded marina.


With a beam of just 3.44m, HopYacht will fit into almost any family sized mono-hull berth which means you avoid paying a premium rate for mooring.



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Creating HopYacht to be eco-sensitive.

With electric motors creating zero emissions, HopYacht is already more eco-sensitive. However the decision to go electric also creates better quality of life on board.


In an over-crowded world, mental health experts believe one of the most precious commodities in our lives right now is silence!

As a sailor you already know that from the moment you cast off, you leave the noise of daily life behind ... but only once you have shut down the diesel engine!


With the noise and fumes of fossil fuel engines eliminated, the atmosphere on board is significantly improved and holiday sailing is more appealing for everyone.  


Sailing in hot weather, the heat build up radiated from a diesel engine can make a yacht cabin and adjacent berths quite unpleasant.  With electric motors this doesn't happen.

HopYacht is equipped with both black and grey water holding tanks, so that nothing is discharged overboard.

By adding 1 600 Watts of solar panels on the cabin roof and choosing motors with hydro-generation, the dependency on shore-power for re-charging batteries is significantly reduced.


With careful trip planning, achieving the right balance between sailing and motoring, HopYacht becomes an off-grid yacht.