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The first all-electric pocket catamaran, designed with comfort as a top priority.

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Our new HopYacht 30 catamaran makes sailing easy and effortless, by simplifying the things that make traditional yachts feel like hard work.

Designed specifically for couples or families with young children the HopYacht 30 is easy to sail short-handed. With the stability of a catamaran, anxious newcomers to sailing will quickly feel at home, and that means you can relax!


Perfect for hopping from bay to bay, coastal or short island hops and with a mast lowering system perfect for exploring inland waterways.
But why stop there? To explore another region of the world, the HopYacht 30 has demountable hulls and will fit into two standard 40' containers. Assembly at your new destination is straightforward.

With the same beam as a typical 36'- 40' monohull,  you'll have more options to secure a berth in busy marinas and of course mooring fees will be much lower than a typical wide beam catamaran!

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Easy to sail.


With just one sail to manage, you can say goodbye to the typical clutter of control lines, cleats, jammers and winches. You will may also find yourself smiling quietly as you watch how other sailors spend endless hours rigging and de-rigging.


The HopYacht 30 has a single low profile Genoa inspired by the East African Dhow. This unique sail plan means there are just two sheets, one two-speed winch and a single furling line. Everything set up at the helm station, to make singlehanded sailing a breeze. Hop onboard and you're ready to sail in less time than it takes to untie the mooring lines.

Easy to dock.


Getting out of a marina is usually the easy part, getting back in when it's windy or the marina is crowded, is often a different story. The HopYacht 30 has three vital ingredients to make docking so much easier (especially mooring stern to).

1. Twin electric motors
With twin electric motors, to manoeuvre at slow speed simply leave the wheel centred and steer using the throttles only. With one motor in forward and the other in reverse, the HopYacht 30 will turn on its own axis. Electric motors also have a lot more torque, providing instant thrust to position and stop the boat, right where you want it.

2. Electronic Throttles


The throttle controls on the HopYacht 30 are electronic and not mechanical. This gives you infinitely more control at your fingertips. Pushing the 'Dock' button restricts the power settings and prevents you from applying too much power, just when you don't need it!


3. Visibility

The position of the helm station on the HopYacht 30 provides great all-round visibility, giving you the confidence to squeeze into tight spaces.


In reverse, you can step out on to the side deck to gain better visibility and still have easy access to the throttles. When going astern you can also gauge distance to the dock even more accurately looking through the cockpit seating area. The cockpit awnings are made with mesh see-through panels providing great visibility, even when the cockpit is fully enclosed.


The cockpit, saloon and forward cabin areas are all on the same level with full standing headroom throughout, eliminating the hassle and hazard of climbing up and down companionway steps.


One level also introduces more light into the interior with large wrap around windows. HopYacht's layout creates a natural flow of air throughout, keeping you naturally cool, without the need for air-conditioning. 


Equipped with electric sail drives plus electric water heating and cooking, fossil fuel pollution is eliminated. There's also no noise pollution. With whisper quiet electric motors, re-charged by four solar panels, HopYacht is truly eco-sensitive. 


Unlike yachts with diesel engines, motor sailing now becomes a real joy. We call this E-Sailing! A great way to enjoy more efficient sailing, especially when you need to beat the tide or get home before dark. A bit like riding an E-Bike!

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Relaxation super-yacht style.


Our design team have extensive experience creating interiors for larger luxury catamarans and borrowed a number of ideas to enhance the overall comfort of our HopYacht. A good example is the wrap-around cockpit seating which is fully upholstered and converts into a day bed with room for two!

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A proper island bed.


Standard yacht berths often make you feel like you are on a camping holiday! HopYacht's forward cabin features a proper walk-around queen sized bed (1.92m x 1.53m). With the large wrap around windows the forward cabin becomes both sleeping and chill out space.

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Sunbathing can be thirsty work!


If you take relaxation seriously, you'll love the trampoline area at the bow. No more tossing a coin to see who will fetch the refreshments, because built into the aft section of the anchor locker is a cooler box with drink holders. 

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Hop Yacht 004 x Image by Staples Product

Galley integrated into the cockpit area.


For relaxed holiday style sailing, having the galley in the under-cover cockpit area makes a huge amount of sense. The cook is able to socialise and enjoy the view while cooking. In warm weather, it's much cooler and the heat (and smell) from cooking isn't trapped inside the saloon


And if the weather isn't playing along to cook 'al fresco', the cockpit awnings have both a mesh 'breathable' layer and a clear layer to keep out the rain, making the galley usable in all weathers.    

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