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HopYacht at the British Marine Conference

Build a better mousetrap or build a better environment for the mouse? This is the title of our presentation to be delivered by HopYacht co-founder Paul Tomes at the British Marine Conference in Birmingham UK this month. We are thrilled to have HopYacht represented on this prestigious platform 15/16 March 2022. You can view the full line up of speakers at this link ... When asked to comment on the content of his presentation Paul makes the point that 'it's very natural to start the design of a new yacht by sketching the overall concept and lines of the boat.' 'For HopYacht however our design brief was start with a walk around queen sized bed and design the boat around it!'

Most paradigm shifts happen through someone or something on the outside of the industry, looking in and asking the question why? Why do we have yacht berths that demand you climb over your partner in the middle of the night to go to the loo? If you have experienced this, you'll know it's a great question to ask. Paul is a keen sailor and a former commodore of Hout Bay Yacht Club, however in reality for many years he has stood on the outside of the yacht building industry looking in. In this 30-minute talk he explores why focusing on building a better environment for the mouse could open up new markets and new opportunities for the yachting industry.

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17 Μαρ 2022

Well done Paul, hope the presentation audience were all fond of mice! I look forward to testing out the bed... and doing some sailing along the way! Best wishes, Peter

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