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Multihulls World Test Sail our HopYacht 30

To coincide with the Multihulls World Magazine 'Forever Green' edition, seasoned yachting journalist Nobert Conchin joined us in Athens to test sail our HopYacht 30. We held our breath when he stepped on board. Would he like the boat? Would he enjoy the concept of the single sail, on what he described as (best said with a French accent) a 'mini yacht?'. Here's an extract from the lead in to his test sail report'


'This is a catamaran that has ripped up the rulebook, and come up with a (r)evolutionary concept: For the first time, a combination of comfort and liveability has been brought together in an ultra-easy-to-handle boat under 10 meters in length, with a focus on relaxation and pleasure, all with zero CO2 emissions'. Norbert Conchin


The Forever Green special edition #2 is now available online. To access the full test sail report on our HopYacht 30 plus enjoy a 20% discount on an annual subscription to the Multihulls World magazine click here. Enter the code HOP20 on checkout.


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