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No shore-power? ... No sweat!

In June 2023, we picked up the first HopYacht 30 shipped to Greece from the Port of Piraeus and delivered the boat to its new home in Preveza. Whilst Navionics and Savvy Navvy have made route planning so much easier, this would be our first significant voyage in an all-electric yacht and the natural instinct was scroll through both apps, to look for harbours and marinas en route that might have shore-power. However, we soon discovered with 1600 W of solar power topping up the batteries, this would prove to be more than enough for most of the voyage.

If you’re keen to know how we sailed just over 200 nautical miles with variable winds and only plugging into shore power twice, we captured the highlights on video. We’ve included full details of power consumption in different weather conditions and the status of the batteries each day. There is also stunning footage of our journey through the Corinth Canal

It’s hard to compress 10 days of sailing into a short production, so the video is 15 minutes long and we have repeated the infographics included in the video below.

All told a hugely successful trip with the added advantage of no noise no fumes and no diesel bill at the end!

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Thank you for sharing your delivery story and excellent video. I lapped up every second. My enthusiasm to go back to sea, on a HopYacht, received big boost.

Best regards,

Martin Richards

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