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Presentation ready for British Marine Conference 15/16 March

In the 1980s futurist Joel Barker wrote a best selling book 'The Business of Paradigms'. In the book he posed his now famous paradigm shift question. "What is seemingly impossible to do today, that if it were possible, would fundamentally change the way we do business?" In his presentation for the British Marine Conference next week, HopYacht co-founder Paul Tomes, will pose the same question and explore how this relates to the yachting industry. Not everyone enjoys sailing, however Paul believes that many people are inadvertently put off by design features in yachts that potentially detract from a person's quality of life onboard. The HopYacht 30 design team took a hard look at many of the standard features in traditional yachts, to figure what paradigms existed and to look for better ways to create a more comfortable lifestyle afloat, that would meet the needs of both sailors and non sailors.

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