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What's on your 'must do' list in later life?

Each of us has our own picture of retirement, however it’s very likely that having the freedom to travel is on your must do list. If you’re retiring from an active career where you travelled a lot on business, perhaps retiring to more airports, more airline food and a cruise liner where you’re jostling for position at the buffet counter isn’t your idea of fun.

But sailing your own yacht, that’s a very different picture … a different kind of travel. Your own adventure at your own pace, in your own world.

So what does this new world look like?

You’ve got time on your hands now, however your younger friends who help with handling your boat have jobs to go to! And your older retired friends may not share your passion for sailing. Perhaps what’s needed is a yacht that is exceptionally easy to sail and easy to manage?

If this picture reasonates with you … read on!

When HopYacht founders Paul and Mary-Clare Tomes first started developing the concept for their HopYacht 30 catamaran, they had just returned from chartering a yacht in Southern Turkey. They met and spoke to many retired couples, most of whom were spending the entire summer season making their way slowly along the coastline.

Three things became immediately apparent.

Firstly, retired couples opted for smaller boats that were easier to handle. However, the trade off was invariably more cramped living space.

Secondly, most commented they often didn't hoist their mainsail and sailed under jib or genoa alone. They weren’t in a hurry, so the mainsail just represented extra workload and a significant challenge if the wind came up and they needed to reef short-handed.

Thirdly, they preferred to find a marina or jetty to overnight. However this meant that docking now became the most stressful part of their day!

In southern Turkey, many of the more sheltered bays have restaurants with adjacent pontoon berths. Most also have well maintained onshore bathroom facilities. For retired couples the attraction of a hot and more spacious shower and the potential of great company with like-minded people, makes being on the dock overnight a no brainer. Especially if the alternative is the potential of a restless night on anchor. However, with just two people, docking is often a challenge especially in a strong breeze.

And it's not just retirees who rarely hoist the mainsail. A high percentage of people of all ages on a bareboat charter sailing holiday do the same.

With this in mind the HopYacht 30 has been designed with just one sail inspired by the traditional Dhow's found on the east coast of Africa. Moving the mast aft on the HopYacht maintains upwind performance, without the need for a mainsail. Best of all having just one sail that can be deployed and furled in less than a minute with all control lines led to the helm station, takes all the stress out of sailing.

With one winch, one halyard and just one set of genoa sheets there’s also significantly less to maintain than a conventional yacht.

Designed as a catamaran with the accommodation all on one level, creates the perfect balance of space and accessibility. The Dhow style rig allows for a narrower beam than traditional catamarans and the HopYacht 30 can fit in the same berth as a 36-38 foot monohull. This is a huge plus when trying to find space in a marina. Wide beam catamarans are typically charged 75% more than monohulls.

HopYacht is equipped with E-Propulsion electric pod-drives that are whisper quiet and eliminate the noise and pollution of diesel engines. With twin motors, docking a HopYacht is like having bow thrusters! You can leave the wheel and steer purely on the motors, with better precision and control.

If you are retiring from an active career, here's a great option to retire to something that is not only better for the planet, but a great opportunity for a quietly exciting new adventure!


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