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HopYachts driven by E-Propulsion

From the outset, HopYacht was designed to be equipped with electric sail drives. Following extensive research and direct conversations with manufacturers, we are delighted to announce that we have appointed E-Propulsion to supply their Pod Drive 6.0 Evo.

With twin 6.0 Evo motors fitted, this equates to 6kW of power for each motor, the equivalent of having two 9.9hp petrol engines. The Evo series pod drives are equipped with hydro-generation, meaning batteries are topped up continuously whilst under sail. This further supplements recharging from HopYacht's solar power.

Each motor will be powered by E-Propulsion's E175 9kWh battery, providing a range of 1.5 hours at full throttle and 4-6 hours at cruising speeds

E-Propulsion now have dealer and service network throughout Europe, USA and Australia.


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