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Hey digital nomads, you can ditch the cabin in the woods, there's a new way to escape!

The digital nomad lifestyle has been on the rise for years. However, Covid 19 was a real wake up call for both employers and employees and a recent report by CNN Brazil (a favourite ditigal nomad destination) projects the number of digital nomads in the world will grow to beyond 1 billion by 2035!

If there's a decent wi-fi signal available, many digital nomads opt to work well off the beaten track and with more people adopting this lifestyle, the world is going to need a lot more 'cabins by a lake in the woods'! It's an attractive option, but how about a cabin actually on water, with sails and whisper quiet, eco-friendly electric motors?

A HopYacht 30 is like a tiny home on water, where digital nomads can combine relaxed sailing with the perfect space for productive thinking. A truly positive environment to get more done faster, with ultimately more time to play ... right on your doorstep.

A typical day at the office could start tucked up in a queen-sized bed in the forward cabin. Zoom call mid morning? No problem, move through to the saloon, with coffee bar styled seating, Nespresso machine, USB and a power socket to keep you and your laptop fired up. As lunch time rolls around, you'll have no problem reserving a table in the cockpit.

In the recently published business skills book 'Essentialism', author Greg McKeown emphasises the value of an afternoon nap as a real productivity and brain booster. The HopYacht cockpit has wrap around seating that converts into a day bed. Simply relax and drift off for an all important guilt free power nap!

Where else in the world can you close your computer and be on your stand up paddle board in less than 30 seconds? HopYacht has huge storage space in the hulls, for SUPS, Flite Boards, a perhaps an inflatable kayak to two, plus a handy power point for an electric inflation pump.

And when you think you've done enough for the day, head up to the bow for sundowners on the trampoline. There's a cooler box built in, to keep your Chardonnay at the perfect temperature.

The HopYacht 30 is the ultimate digital nomad work and living space and unlike a cabin in the woods, when you need to re-connect with mainstream life, you can sail or motor to a new harbour, new surroundings, new shops, new people, without ever having to unplug your computer.

And when you get itchy feet and want to experience different parts of the digital nomad universe, hop online, advertise your HopYacht on Airbnb and your next adventure is paid for!


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