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Summertime and the sailing is easy.

Would it make it easier for you to get through winter knowing that you could have a brand new HopYacht 30 ready to make next summer the best ever?

The timing is perfect. We have just finalised the 2024 HopYacht specification with a significant number of new features, all designed to add so much more to your summer lifestyle on board.

Firstly, anticipating long lazy summer days ahead, we’ve upgraded the fridge from a 60L capacity to a 130 litre Isotherm Inox stainless steel fridge / freezer. This is built into the space under the helm station, opposite the galley unit. Alongside the new fridge we've added a large grocery storage cupboard.

With more room for refreshments, we added a great new place to enjoy a sundowner. The new gangplank design can also be deployed to join the two aft hulls giving you a walkway and a unique beach area to sit, drinks in hand with your feet dangling in the water!

And with more refreshments, you also have a better solution to recycle all the empty bottles or cans. On the aft side of the helm station plinth, we’ve added a built in 40 litre tip out bin!

If summer gets a little hotter than expected, you now have the option of a low-energy air conditioning system built in, designed to keep the cabin area cool, even if you don’t have shore power connected.

Only one build slot left for 2023!

This means if you hurry, you could still have your own HopYacht in time for the northern hemisphere summer in May 2024. Are you keen to explore the opportunity further?

We have two HopYachts in production right now and we will happily set up a video call to give you a virtual tour of the boats at our new factory. If you would prefer to fly into Cape Town (it's sunny here) and visit our factory, we can arrange complimentary accommodation for you. And when you order your HopYacht, we’ll happily refund the equivalent of an economy airfare.

You can start exploring the options right now by requesting our new 2024 HopYacht 30 specifications. Email

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